What is Enterprise Hosting?

Enterprise hosting consists of certain equipments put together to ensure a few factors, namely:

  • Stability and Reliability
  • Efficient speed in processing prowess with minimal downtime
  • Minimal cost with high value solutions
  • Round the clock support availability

Why Enterprise Hosting?

This service brings the reliability of hosting and up time by almost 200% compared to conventional hosting methods as it is built with redundancy in mind. Almost every component in a hosting environment is supported by a back up solution to ensure robustness. The diagram on the left exhibits a typical base level enterprise hosting set up.

As you can see, activity is first filtered through a firewall to ensure authentic visitation to the application/website.

The verified data is then balanced through a load balancer to prevent overloading of the servers.

Data is then transferred to a SAN via Server 1 or Server 2 for storage.

A NAS is then used as a back up for the SAN storage.

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