At IWI Enterprise Services, we understand the importance of having the right information on the web at exactly the right time to cater to a specific event or a special arrangement.

As a critical maintenance provider, dedicated personnel will be constantly monitoring your requests on content updating of your website/applications.

Our service does not only stop at inserting new information on your webpage but we also cater to other requests. Specific time in uploading of content, scheduled uploading of repetitive areas, seasonal changes of logos/website themes, monthly creation of creative banners and management of CMS system are just a few of the common requests.

Most important of all, you can be sure that someone is always there to service your request. Should a visit to your premises be required for briefing of the updating exercise, our personnel will gladly meet to discuss your requirements upon request.

Give us a call today for an obligation free consultation on your needs for better hosting at 67201809 or you can email your enquiry to business@iwi.com.sg.